Tips voor het gebruik van banden


Bandenkan alleen worden gedemonteerd en gemonteerd door getrainde professionals met speciale apparatuur.
Bevestig dat de luchtdruk van het voertuig normaal is in een volledig gekoelde toestand. de juisteband pressure is conducive to environmental protection, safety and economy. Too high or too lowband pressure is dangerous and may cause accidents orband damage.
Banden of the same specification and model must be used on the same axle, andbands of different sizes or configurations must not be mixed.
Wanneer derim is damaged or deformed, it is not allowed to installbands and continue using it.
When theband is worn to the wear indicator, you must not continue driving, and theband should be replaced immediately.
Wanneer deband cord breaks, the bulge or theband steel wire and cord are exposed, it must be stopped immediately.
If theband has been used for too long (more than three years), when the sidewall has serious ozone aging and cracking, it is not allowed to continue to be used.
The surface of theband shall not be in contact with chemically corrosive materials such as oils and fats.
Thebands are changed for half a year or every 5000 kilometers.